Coming Soon

November 15, 2008

Hello all!

Welcome to our updated blog.  We hope you like the updated look and content, again, we’re very sorry for the lapse in keeping you, our viewers, updated on the inner happenings at Tv31.

Now, for the meat of this entry.  We are currently in the development stage of a brand new website that will hopefully be able to serve you better.  We’re going to keep you in the dark for now, we hint that our new site will have MUCH more content, and local weather updates.

Enjoy the new look for now.



November 13, 2008

Hello all!

I know its been  long time since we mde any updates to the blog, but rest assured the times are changing!

Look for updated program schedules, show announcements, and fresh comments from your fvorite on-air hosts!

Thanks for sticking with us everyone!


June 13, 2007

Welcome to Tv-31. Find out about our shows and when they’re on using the navigation links at the right. Feel free to comment on any page.